Brand Strategy: Style elements are a big deal.

Essentially, a brand strategy is the image you want to build for your customers and what easily identifies you. Although it includes more than just style elements and visuals, you want to make sure you have these and that they are consistently used with everything you do! Branding is a memorable impression that let's people know what to expect from you...and what makes you the best choice!

Your style elements should include:

Statement - (who you are)

Culture - (what you are about)


Logo, Submark, Favicon

Color Palette



Digial Media Content & Hashtags


Patterns & Textures

Styling & Wardrobe


Music & Playlists

Media Templates


One of my favorite things is developing these creative visuals! Need help considering something as simple as color, or as detailed as culture and customer experience for your business or event? I'd love to see if I'm a great fit to help you!

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