Serape Haven

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Color is back!!! Whether you are looking for bright pops or these soothing desert tones, you'll see lots of color in 2020! You can check out my Serape Haven Pinterest board here and find some more fun finds including RUSTIC FINISHES, LEATHER FURNITURE, and MIXED TEXTURES that really complete this aesthetic.

For me, Serape Haven is a mix of the Junk Gypsy we've seen and loved...but an additional classic Ralph Lauren twist that makes for a clean and functional feel. I love Navajo indian serapes in muted tones but you'll definately find the traditional vibrant colors, in stylish interiors, and in ways you never imagined. The serape, sarape, or jorongo is a long blanket-like shawl or coat colored and fringed at the ends worn in Spanish speaking countries. Here's a look at Ralph Lauren Home's 'Trading Blanket' patterns....*swoon*!

Did you see Sherwin Williams colors for 2020? Organized into 5 palettes; Heart, Haven, Alive, Mantra, and Play! I've used some of their best for 2020 to create this True Blue look that I love! You can find them here to repin your favorites.

*Sherwin Williams Colors & Graphics

Are you looking to add some color, need direction with accessories or maybe want try something totally new? I offer design, interior decorating and creative styling services in the Tampa Bay area.

Cheers to a season full of fun and vibrant color!

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